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The Flexible Diamond Triangular Polishing Pads are designed for use with FEIN MultiMaster oscillation tools for detailed polishing of granite, marble, concrete, and other types of stones. Each side of the pad measures 3 inches. The set includes grit options of 60#, 120#, 200#, and 400#, providing flexibility to achieve various finishes based on the specific requirements of your project. These Pads can be used for wet polishing.

In addition to compatibility with FEIN MultiMaster tools, the triangle diamond polishing Pads are also suitable for use with Dremel Multi-Max, Rockwell SoniCrafter, and Ryobi detail sanders.

The pads are electroplated, providing consistent performance and longevity. As the diamonds wear, a new layer of diamonds becomes exposed for continued shaping and polishing . The flexible design of the pads allows them to conform to the contours of the stone, providing a consistent finish, even in hard-to-reach areas.

The Flexible Diamond Triangular polishing pads are an essential tool for any stone fabrication shop. They can be used for a variety of tasks, including polishing , shaping, and grinding. The pads are designed to provide a high-quality, consistent finish, making them ideal for use in the stone fabrication industry.

Overall, the Flexible Diamond Triangular polishing pads are a versatile and durable option for detailed polishing of a variety of stone surfaces. Their compatibility with multiple oscillation tool brands makes them a convenient option for any stone fabrication shop. So, if you want to improve the efficiency and quality of your stone fabrication projects, consider investing in a set of these high-quality polishing pads .

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  • 3-inch Triangle Diamond Polishing Pads for Oscillating Multi Tools
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