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Our Resin Diamond Smoothing Pads are used to pre-polish glass surfaces on your flat lap grinder. The resin based diamond gives a finer surface on the glass than a comparable electroplated diamond disk and allows you to easily finish and polish the glass surface. All disks are magnetically backed for easy placment on most flat lap grinders. Hole sizes are custom and need to be chosen when ordering.Diamond Soft smoothing Pad ensure rapid removal of grinding marks and high spots on gemstones,glass and Glasseye etc. The key to the fast smoothing action of the discs is diamond resin bonded to a flexible surface.Diamond Smoothing pads are guaranteed to out-perform silicon carbide discs and diamond compound finishing systems. All discs can come with a pressure sensitive adhesive/Magnetic backing. They will adhere to most lags or backing plates. This state of the art finishing system can be used with almost any machine. This is the same finishing system used on the the Heavy Duty Grinder and Polishing Machine and the Hi-Tech All-U-Need cabbing unit.

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