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Electroplated with graded diamond abrasive in micron sizes. Ideal for inside ring mirror finishing. Inter-spaced diamond nodes effectively withstand any debris build-up.
Flexible Diamond bands are made from a two-ply polyester backing film evenly coated with diamond filled nickel plated dots.These flexible diamond bands have been designed and developed for light grinding, shaping and polishing applications with contours and hard to reach areas on hard materials, such as granite, marble, natural stone, engineered stone, glass, ceramics and hard metals. Use wet or dry. Use to grind, sand and smooth on these materials: glass, stone, wood, carbide, steel, bone, composites, exotic alloys, chrome cobalt, plastic, gypsum, painted or plated surfaces, enamels, ceramicsand hard metals. .All flexible diamond bands are colour coded for easy grade identification and are manufactured to fit expanding rubber mandrels.
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