Rounded Cylinder Diamond Nova Carving Points

Small Rounded Cylinder Diamond Nova Carving Points

Levering beregnes ved betaling.

Carvers find these miniature Nova sanding and polishing points answer many of their carving problems. You get the speed and high performance of our Nova resin-bond Diamond formulas in shapes and sizes for use on your carvings in the sanding and polishing processes. Mandrel size is 3/32" which fits most Foredom and Dremel power tools. Illustrations show approximate shape and size.Diamond Nova Miniature Sanding & Polishing Points solve many gemstone carvings challenges by offering the speed, high performance, and no mess of Diamond Pacific's legendary proprietary Nova resin-bond Diamond formulas in 2 sizes of 2 bur shapes for use on your carvings during the sanding and polishing processes. They are designed to avoid headaches while sanding those hard-to-reach areas to remove the coarse scratches from your latest lapidary masterpiece. Diamond Nova carvings points are a resin-bond Diamond compound bonded to a mandrel shaft for use in lapidary rotary tools. are slightly flexible and will wear away with use and abuse. Diamond Nova burs must be used with a lubricant like water or silicone extender fluid.
Selection and Compatibility
After a gemstone or cabochon cutter, custom body jewelry carver, or other lapidary artist creates a preform for a carving with sintered carving burs or your preferred sequence of carving bits, the go-to sequence of Nova bits for sanding and polishing many commercial lapidary materials with a Foredom or Dremel is the 280, 600, 1200, and 3,000 grit diamond polishing bits, followed by the use of a 14,000 grit Nova Point. A Dremel will need a #481 collet to fit these shafts, available for a few dollars at any hardware store selling Dremel accessories. While this sequence will put an acceptable polish on most stones, many hard-to-polish material may require more steps such as additional grit Nova burrs, phenolic burs with diamond paste, or felt burs with your favorite lapidary polish such as tin oxide, or cerium oxide.
Available Shapes and Sizes
All sizes are approximate on new Diamond Pacific Nova Points and can vary slightly during construction. Diamond Pacific Nova tips for Dremel and Foredom tools have a mandrel size of 3/32 inch which fits most Foredom and Dremel power rotary tools used in gemstone carving.

  • Small Bullet Point is 7mm tapered to 4mm, pointed tip
  • Large Bullet Point is 9mm tapered to 5mm, pointed tip
  • Small Rounded Cylinder is 8mm wide, round tip
  • Large Rounded Cylinder is 9.5mm wide, round tip
  • All are roughly 18-20mm tall, sizes vary slightly
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