Diamond Hand Polishing Pads

90mmx55mm Flexible Diamond Foam-backed Sanding Polishing Pads

Levering beregnes ved betaling.

Diamond hand Polishing and Grinding Pads are manufactured using diamond flexible material for use on edges, corners, and flat surfaces of a wide range of materials such as granite, marble, engineered stones, glass, ceramics, composites, and hard metals. These Pads are used for polishing , grinding , restoring/cleaning areas that are hard to reach by polishing tools like wet grinder polishers, angle grinders, etc. They are a useful and handy diamond tool to polish corners, contoured surfaces like sinks, joins of two bullnose surfaces for granite polishing , concrete polishing , marble polishing , terrazzo polishing , travertine polishing, glass polishing , and their restoration, etc. These diamond tools may be used for floor polishing , countertop polishing, stone sculpture polishing , etc., and could be useful and cost-saver for small polishing projects.

Hand Pads are available in three sizes: 80x50mm, 90 x 55mm, and 120 x 60mm. They come in two types of grades: Metal Grades and Resin Grades. Metal Grades range from 60-1200 grit, while Resin Grades range from 800-12000 grit. These Pads are designed for polishing , grinding , and restoring/cleaning surfaces, making them ideal for use in the stone fabrication industry.

Overall, Diamond Hand Polishing and Grinding Pads are a versatile and durable option for polishing, grinding , and restoring/cleaning a variety of surfaces. Their compact size and range of grit options make them a convenient option for any stone fabrication shop. So, if you want to improve the efficiency and quality of your stone fabrication projects, consider investing in a set of these high-quality hand polishing and grinding Pads .

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