Flexible Diamond Sanding Belts
Flexible Diamond Expanding Drum Sanding Belt ...

O.D 200mmx50mm Flexible Diamond Grinding Sanding Polishing Belts

Levering beregnes ved betaling.

Diamond Expanding Drum Belt is a specialized abrasive tool used in lapidary work and stone processing. It is commonly employed for sanding and polishing flat surfaces of gemstones, minerals, and other hard materials. Here's an overview of its features and applications:

Key Features:

  1. Diamond Abrasive Coating:

    • The Drum belt is coated with diamond particles, which are known for their hardness and ability to effectively abrade and polish hard materials.

  2. Expanding Drum Design:

    • The drum is designed to expand, allowing the user to easily slide sanding or polishing belts onto the Drum and tighten them for secure and efficient use.

  3. Compatibility with Lapidary Equipment:

    • Diamond Expanding drum belts are often used with lapidary equipment such as vibrating lap machines or flat lap grinders.

  4. Versatile Grit Options:

    • Available in various grit options, allowing users to choose the appropriate level of abrasiveness for their specific needs. Common grits include coarse for initial shaping and finer grits for polishing .


  1. Lapidary Work:

    • Diamond Expanding drum belts are extensively used in lapidary work for shaping , smoothing, and polishing gemstones. They are crucial in the process of transforming rough stones into polished and faceted gems.

  2. Stone Polishing:

    • Widely used in the stone industry for polishing various types of stones, including agate, jasper, quartz, and other minerals.

  3. Material Shaping:

    • Ideal for shaping and contouring hard materials, providing a precise and smooth finish.

  4. Flat Surface Polishing:

    • Used to achieve a flat and polished surface on materials like glass, ceramics, and certain metals.

  5. Jewelry Making:

    • Commonly used by jewelry makers and artisans for shaping and polishing gemstones for use in jewelry.

  6. Tool Sharpening:

    • In some cases, diamond expanding drum belts may be used for sharpening and honing certain cutting tools, especially those made from hard materials.

Usage Tips:

  • Grit Selection:

    • Choose the grit size based on the specific stage of the lapidary process. Coarser grits are used for initial shaping , while finer grits are employed for polishing .

  • Proper Tightening:

    • Ensure that the belt is securely tightened on the expanding drum to prevent slippage during use.

  • Workpiece Movement:

    • Move the workpiece evenly across the surface of the drum to achieve uniform results.

Diamond Expanding Drum Belt play a crucial role in the lapidary and stone processing industry, offering efficient and precise material shaping and polishing capabilities. Users should follow proper safety guidelines and manufacturer recommendations when using these tools.

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